Women in Leadership is a forum for young females to engage with and learn from established women in various industries to get a realistic idea of what it means to lead as a woman in the working world.
If you would like to attend our future events or if you would like to get involved with planning the events in any capacity please leave your details below! 
At Greeate Careers we’ve understood that there are many young people who are not adequately equipped for the real world of work and so we've set up different projects that we hope will address this issue.

We also understood that there isn’t currently an avenue for young females to engage with successful female leaders in their industry where they can be encouraged, inspired and motivated receiving advice/guidance. As a result we created Women in Leadership; this is a forum where we bring current female leaders and the next generation of leaders together encouraging young people to explore the realities and practicalities of leading in their industry as a female.
These young females will be given the opportunity to hear real life stories from the female leaders, they will also be encouraged to discuss current issues or questions they have based off of things they’ve seen or been exposed to.

We believe that by encouraging these young females to engage with leaders of today it will help them to make better informed decision about the steps they take for their future goals.
We have worked with organisations such as BDP, BT, Virgin Media, PwC, HSBC and Natwest and we have nearly 200 female students and graduates on our database from univerisites across UK, some of which include UCL, London South Bank, Queen Mary University London, Hull, Oxford Brookes, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath and more. 
Women In Leadership Project Leader / Director of Events

( Vanessa Former Head of Communications at BDP and Deborah)
(Left to Right) 
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