David Cash
Chairman of BDP


"I think it’s great.
     You’ve identified an area with which a lot of people have a real                     problem when they’re younger which is, “what am I going to do with           my life?”.  For me, it’s important to have goals, to have objectives and to work out what it is you want to do with your life.
   This is designed to help people address those sorts of issues. They are stimulated by seeing new possibilities and then encouraged to plan things so that what they’re doing has a purpose and can lead to something worthwhile." 
David Cash
Chairman of BDP


Mel Shafer
Student / Graduate

 I think that the vision behind Greeate is bridging a gap between your degree and kick starting your career.
When picking a university, you attend open days, talk with current
staff and students, and even sampling your potential day-to-day
environment. Getting an 'open day' experience for prospective
jobs is less simple - especially with the security measures that
inhibit access to businesses without prior appointments. But
if you dont know anyone to make an appointment with, how
do you get past that barrier? This is where Greeate Careers
comes in - they have been cultivating relationships with both
universities, and industries to facilitate introductions between
students and professionals, that have the potential to blossom
into fruitful outcomes - on both sides! 
They were able to link me to companies I didnt know how to approach. Security policies prevent access if you dont know who to contact. Greeate Careers help by providing introductions, 'opening the doors' for students and professionals to building meaningful relationships, and fruitful pathways to working life. Through their contacts, I hope to 'open the doors' to the places I want to work - my next adventure is finding someone to talk to in HOK!
Mel Shafer
Studied Architecture at Bath University
(Now Working in full time employment)


Paul Ivey
Pro Vice Chancellor

  I would urge everyone to look at what Greeate Careers is doing.
         We live in an idea rich society – just consider what is available on                line and this is just a fraction of what happens in millions of minds.              So what is the problem given that lots of people find securing their              first professional job so challenging, lots of people either do                        no know what they wish to do or who to talk to, and lots of people            have little awareness of the real world of work? I think the problem is        communication, or rather the lack of it. And by communication I mean     language, language which is not threatening, not judgemental but accessible to those needing answers.
This is what Greeate Careers does, it makes accessible the real conversations which retain individual hope, reassures free spirits that they are not the only ones around and delivers career solutions that others can make use of for themselves.
Paul Ivey
Pro Vice Chancellor of London South Bank University