Greeate Careers App

"Distrupting the educational and careers industry
and reinventing it for the 21st century!"

We are exploring how technology can help make the            educational process better. We are also working on               making the process of exploring and finding careers more     effective for the individual.
      We are currently working with students and industry
        leading organisations to build an app to help students            in this area.
 Making the educational and career journey     better through techonology and      
   innovative ideas.
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designed to help you explore your future and career prospects, while managing your school life effectively
Greeate Careers App

Distrupting the educational and careers industry and reinventing it for the 21st century!

From speaking to young people we've understood that many are shoe horned into specific career paths by their main influencers and are limited by the information they have access to. 
With this app we look to give the power back to young people by creating a platform where they can gain real life insight into careers of interest and engage directly with companies and organisations. On this app they will be able to get real life insights from people already in the world of work, communicate with their peers, apply for jobs, see the latest events/information about their chosen industry, and connect with organisation who otherwise would seem very inaccessible.
In the long run, we want this platform to be accessible by both students and none students who have an interest in something but are not sure where to start or what to expect. Inspired by the Greeate Careers strap line, "where information is scarce, hope finds it hard to exist"
This app seeks to open up the doors of information giving young people a range of things to effectively engage in, putting you in a better position to make better informed decisions about your future and career path.
If you're interested in our app concept, please show your interest by signing the form above. We're looking to prove a demand to solve this issue.
Your sign ups will help us prove the need and demand and put us in a position to release the beta version. 

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