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Our events create a good atmosphere to meet new people and network, not only within your industry of interest but cross sector.
At Greeate we believe that building networks amonst one another is as important as buildling networks with employees and leaders in industry, as you are tommorows' leaders. 
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Women In Leadership
 At Greeate Careers we’ve understood that there are many young people who are not adequately equipped for the real world of work because of this we've set up different projects that we hope will address this issue.
We're also interested in effectively developing an avenue for young females to engage with successful female leaders in their industry where they can be encouraged, inspired and motivated, receiving valuable advice and guidance that they can use in their journey. As a result we created Women in Leadership; this is a forum where we bring current female leaders and the next generation of females interested in leadership together, encouraging young people to explore the realities and practicalities of growing and leading in their industry as a female.
These young females who attend are given the opportunity to hear real life stories from female leaders across industries, they are also encouraged to discuss current issues or questions they have based off of things they’ve seen or been exposed to.
We believe that by encouraging these young females to engage with leaders of today it will help put them in a better position to make better informed decision about the steps they take for their future goals.
Women In Leadership Project Leader / Director of Events

( Vanessa Head of Communications at BDP and Deborah)
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